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Financial statement preparation  
The principal goal of our financial statement practice is quality. Our work is the equivalent to that of firms much larger than ours. Since we are a small firm we can provide the client with a flexible organization, which is easier to adapt to. We provide compiled and reviewed financial statements for businesses and individuals.
Accountancy and Bookkeeping
We offer a complete range of accounting services including basic write-ups, payroll tax and sales tax return preparation. We have extensive experience serving a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, restaurants, real estate, construction, medical, dental, legal, personal services, homeowner associations and nonprofit organizations. We have served many of our clients since the first day they opened their businesses. We can provide you with bookkeeping services in your office or in ours. We can pay your bills, prepare your payroll, reconcile your bank accounts and maintain your general ledger. As your business grows we can assist you in obtaining and training your own in-house bookkeeping and accounting personnel.
Tax services
We prepare in excess of 500 individual income tax returns on an annual basis. This part of our practice continues to grow mainly due to referrals from existing clients. This tells us a great deal about our tax practice. All income tax returns are prepared by a certified public accountant. Individual returns are processed from initial appointment to ready for client signature in less than 5 working days in most instances. We have the experience, the knowledge and ability to prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations (profit and nonprofit, “C” &”S”), trusts and estates in every state.

We have represented our clients, business and individuals, in all phases of IRS audits through the first level of appeal. We have also represented clients in sales and payroll tax audits. Our attitude in dealing with tax audits is “your best defense is a good offense”. Because of our knowledge of how to deal with auditors, our win/loss ratio is very favorable.

Our tax planning philosophy is to minimize the payment of income and estate taxes. We assist our clients in accomplishing this goal while avoiding radical or negligent positions that can lead to audits. We pride ourselves in technical ability and maintain a substantial library to enhance and improve our knowledge. We work with individuals and businesses to insure that the tax positions taken on their returns match the philosophy and individual tax needs of the individual client.

Business Consulting Services
We can provide you with consulting services that will assist you in improving your efficiency and profitability using an objective skilled evaluation. We can design and implement information systems, which create effective operating control. We can assist you in the selection of a data processing system that will meet the needs of your business and provide you with the information that you need to make informed decisions for your daily needs as well as your future business needs. We can assist in the implementation of your chosen system as well as the training of your staff.

We are aware that there are many fine accounting software packages available and can recommend and assist in their installation. We are familiar with the operation of many popular accounting software packages including: MAS 90, Business Works, Champion, Peachtree, Quicken, Quick Books, Quick Books Pro, One Write Plus, Real World, Applied Systems, Agina, Bottom Line and DAC Easy.

Other services
We can work with attorneys to provide specialized financial and technical support services. We can assist counsel in the identification, interpretation and evaluation of tax, accounting, and financial issues. We can help organize materials for presentation. We can help develop questions and analyze answers for depositions.
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© 2009 DeMirjyn and Davis Accountancy Corporation

© 2009 DeMirjyn and Davis Accountancy Corporation

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